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Culture Creator

August 5, 2019

The Jim Hudson Lexus Augusta family recently launched a purpose statement to reflect our team values: CREATE stands for Communicate, Respect, Empower, Adapt, Trust and Empathy.

We asked all 105 of our team members to submit nominations of their peers who live these values every day. We call the top employees on this list our Culture Creators because they demonstrate a consistent commitment to being helpful to one another within the dealership.

We took the top 14 team members and recognized them at a recent dinner, thanking them for their contribution to a supportive environment. Almost all of these recipients have been with the team for many years, but two of them are recent superstar acquisitions: the first is Raven Green Harris, profiled recently here: Raven’s blog. The other is Cyndi Kernaghan, who just celebrated her first anniversary with the company.

It is easy to see why Cyndi was nominated by her peers. She has a positive outlook and sunny disposition which make her a delight to be around. When asked how her friends and family might describe her, she predicts that they will use words like loving and fun, very accurate adjectives for her bright personality.

Cyndi is also greatly appreciated by her team because of her adaptability-helping wherever the need might be. There may be days she is stepping in to help our finance managers, or sales department, or guest services team… but she is always engaged, always offering support, and has an impeccable attention to detail. Whether it is a guest in need, a team function or a charity event for the family member of a co-worker, she is quick to jump in and be a part of it.

In addition to her positive impact at work, Cyndi is a proud wife and mom who values time with her family. Married to Bruce for 20 years, the Kernaghans have a daughter Christina and son Austin. The family enjoys time at the lake and supporting their favorite football teams at the college and pro level.

IMG_8572 (002)

Since Cyndi is such an inspiration to us, we asked her who inspires her, and she told us about her friend Becky, who always sees the good in others, and offers unconditional love and smiles, no matter how bad her day might be. Cyndi has a similar goal for her own life, saying that she strives to “treat everyone with kindness and respect, regardless of their status in life”. You can see why Cyndi was recognized by her co-workers for living the Jim Hudson Lexus values. She is truly a blessing to our organization and we look forward to many more anniversaries and awards for years to come!

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