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Sounds of Laughter

May 13, 2019


I asked my co-workers to share their favorite “Frank Story”, and many of them say that his tale of almost setting a restaurant on fire as a youth ranks right at the top. As with any story he relays, Frank’s face lights up as he describes a disastrous first day at work in the food industry, giving his audience visions of grease fireworks splashing through a brand new building, with fire truck sirens wailing in the background. Nobody tells a story like Frank, and it always means laughter for his audience of coworkers or customers.

Frank has many stories, so if you are visiting our 56,000 square foot dealership and hear the sound of merriment, look for the crowd of happy people and chances are good that you will find Frank Gibbs smack in the middle of it. A natural charmer, Frank’s gift for making people feel comfortable and earning their trust has been his forte for over 37 years in the industry. His guests enjoy the experience of buying a car from Frank, because his warm rapport and relaxed confidence puts them at ease.

Selling cars may not have been the original plan, but it has always been a fit. He started after his freshman year at West Georgia College for a little spending money, and realized he had a gift. In addition to his people skills, Frank’s commitment to customer service and willingness to work hard were always an advantage. He has been on the Jim Hudson Lexus sales team for over 12 years, and in that time he has blessed us with his sense of humor and his passion for making an impact on other people’s lives.

Beyond the dealership walls, Frank has also had an impact on the community.  A life-long resident of Augusta, he has given his time and talents to organizations such as the Augusta Exchange Club, Augusta Sports Council (past President), Brynwood Swim Club (past President), Knights of Columbus (3rd degree) and Richmond County Port Authority (Board Member). His daily goal for himself is to be the best businessman he can be, and hopefully inspire his family to work just as hard as he does.

Frank’s home is filled with laughter, as well. Teenagers Caroline, Banks, Jack and Frank III join Frank and his wife Andrea in an atmosphere of supportive encouragement and shared stories. Lab dogs Flirt and Skeet add to the happy environment. Frank says that he hopes his friends and family describe him as “a lot of fun”, and makes it a point to play as hard as he works. Time away from the dealership means travelling, running, cooking and golfing for him and his family, who all enjoy staying active and experiencing new adventures.

IMG_7399 (002)

We are blessed to have Frank Gibbs, Jr. in our Lexus family, for the joy he brings as well as for the dedication to his customers and community. If you haven’t yet met him, or heard his jovial voice on the radio, stop by soon to meet him. Listen for the sound of laughter and prepare to be entertained!

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