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Joyful Superstar

February 21, 2019


We have many impressive team members at Jim Hudson Lexus, which is why writing this blog is such a pleasure for me. I once had a customer ask me, “How do you find so many incredibly nice people to work at the dealership?” I wonder the exact same thing; it’s sometimes hard to believe that we can have so many truly good people under one roof-and here I use the word “good” in the deepest sense of the word.

I don’t recall how I responded to the customer’s question-perhaps something about how nice people attract other nice people, or that we have built a reputation for taking excellent care of our employees. All I know for sure is that I am blessed to work with each of them. They inspire me to be my personal best, and the stressful aspects of the car business are ameliorated by the honor of serving alongside individuals of such high character. I guess that is why I run around calling everyone “Superstar”.  I am completely sincere when I refer to my Lexus family members that way.

Although I cannot take credit for why so many kind people work at Jim Hudson Lexus, I can take credit for one Superstar in particular. When I met Raven at a competitor’s dealership, I knew instantly that she was special. Although the interaction was brief-I was just there to bring my husband Kevin his lunch-Raven greeted me with such warm sincerity that I knew she was the real deal. You can tell when people genuinely want to help, and her bright smile endeared me on the spot. I normally don’t recruit from my competitors, and in this case I refrained because Kevin was her boss, but the moment it became clear that Kevin was leaving his employer, one of my first questions to him was: “so can I try to steal Raven now?”

I reached out to Raven and asked if we could talk, one of those interview situations where you are more interested in selling your company to the candidate than having them sell themselves to you. Our conversation confirmed all of my initial impressions, and fortunately we were able to recruit her to join us. She impressed us all immediately with her quest for excellence and desire to learn. When asked how she thinks her fellow team members would describe her, she opines that they likely would call her “bubbly, opinionated and talkative”, which is true, but only on the surface. Beyond her carbonated personality is an authentic, caring individual who is so passionate about serving that she becomes her own worst critic. She gets upset if she makes any kind of mistake, and is quick to take responsibility for situations that goes awry, even if they are not completely her fault. She tells us that she learned about high standards and setting goals from her father, who is no longer living but serves as an ongoing source of motivation for her. “He will always be my biggest inspiration in the way he had high values and morals for himself and his family.” She explained that he always made his family a priority and went above and beyond to ensure they had every want and need.

Another driving force behind Raven’s quest for success is her husband Shawn and  2 year-old daughter Nyla. Raven wants to be an “individual who loves and encourages, as well as being the best mom and wife I can be to my family”. Her daily goal is to smile and find one thing for which she can be thankful. How that passion translates into action is evident in the way she relates to Lexus guests in her role as Service Advisor. She focuses on building relationships through helpfulness and sharing experiences. Comments from clients about service from Raven include such words as sweet, hardworking, professional, kind, personable. Raven says that her family would describe her as “respectable, loyal and loving”, so it is clear that she stays true to her nature both at work and at home.


In her free time, Raven enjoys reading, movies, playing with Nyla, and planning trips to take with her family. She carries her infectiously bright personality wherever she goes: she tells us that there is not one day when she does not smile or laugh. That warmth radiates from her and makes her a pleasure to be around, and I suspect it was that joyfulness that I sensed when I first met her. If you are ever having a tough day and are near the dealership, stop by and say hello to Raven Green Harris. I promise that her infectious smile will brighten your day. We are thankful to have her on our team, and I know that her Dad would be proud of the joy that this Superstar is bringing to others every single day.

  1. Karen Leary permalink

    I had the pleasure of working with Raven.. she is everything that was stated in this article.
    You are extremely lucky to have such a caring person at your dealership.

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