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JJ the Inspiration

December 26, 2018

jonathan myers

Current and former Jim Hudson Lexus team members flocked to the Augusta Boxing Club this past Saturday evening to witness a competitive match between two of our Lexus family members, Robert Dunn and Jonathan Myers. My Mother-in-law Judy asked me who was our favorite in the fight, and I assured her that both of the boxers are awesome guys, so we were happy with any outcome. After two rounds and a resurfacing ankle injury, Jonathan (aka “JJ the Punisher”) was declared the winner, amidst cheers from the crowd.

It was the 3rd event for the fledgling boxing group First Match, which puts amateur local fighters in the ring for the purpose of bringing the sport to a broader audience in the community. This was the second such match for JJ, who considers himself to be very active and enjoys any competitive sport. He has been in great spirits today, not just because of the recent victory, but because of the tremendous support he received at the fight from his family, friends and team-mates.

His co-workers tell me they were happy to attend the fight to enjoy some fellowship and to cheer on Robert and JJ. They are both well-liked in the dealership, and loyal to the company. JJ works in our detail department and has been a part of the Jim Hudson Lexus family for 4 years. When not at work or boxing, he enjoys playing basketball, creating rap music and spending time with his family, including his girlfriend of 5 years (Kristen) and his four children: Jr and Janah’ (twins, age 8), Malasia (age 6) and Carter (age 2). A devoted father, JJ tells me his goals for the future mirror the quintessential American dream: own a nice house for his family and perhaps run his own business one day.

Today I asked JJ, an Augusta native, how his friends would describe him, and he was quick to share adjectives which match exactly how I see him as a person: loyal, ambitious, fun to be around, possessing great integrity. As I started walking away, he drove up to me to add one more descriptor, one that I thought was a perfect fit because of his positive attitude, his commitment to his kids and his willingness to take on new challenges: inspiring. I know that JJ the Inspiration doesn’t sound as intimidating as JJ the Punisher, but he definitely is an inspiration to me. We are glad to have him on Team Lexus and congratulate him on his big win!


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