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Hugs for Everyone

September 3, 2018


The expression “never met a stranger” might have been invented to describe Martha Spooner, who is warm and approachable to everyone she encounters. A part-time dealership employee for the past 3 years, she has been a full-time Lexus family member since 2001: her husband Warren has been our Parts Manager since the dealership opened. She has an endearing personality, quick to hug a co-worker or pick up a baby to adore. In addition to being a dedicated employee, she is a kind human being, outgoing and always interested in getting to know our team and guests.

Each holiday, no matter which project I undertake for the community, you can be assured Martha will be there to participate. If I gift-wrap for charity, she will buy paper and bows to donate. If I set up a list of items to give to non-profits, she will purchase every need on the list. If the dealership has a bake sale for breast cancer, she will send in some fresh cookies. She is the type of person who truly wants to contribute. If you are having a bad day, she is generous with her support. She tells us she enjoys “knowing that I am helping in a small way.”

In addition to always being there for team Lexus, she is a proud mom and grandmother who cares for her family. “Family means everything,” she says, and lights up when talking about one of her kids. In her free time, she enjoys arts and crafts with the grandchildren. When asked who inspires her, she tells us that is her husband. “Warren has taught me that for every problem there is a simple answer,” she explains, noting that his practical side is a good balance for her creative one.

I asked Warren once how he met Martha, and he told me the story of how they were at the same party, and she was feeling under the weather. His kindness during that first meeting, bringing her some aspirin and taking care of her, made a strong first impression. “We’ve been together ever since,” he said. That was in 1990; they were married a year later.

I had a customer ask me last week how we find such amazing people to work for us. In many cases, I believe our employees are attracted to the positive, supportive work environment we work hard to cultivate. Sometimes, they are family, friends, customers and neighbors, referred by our existing team. We carefully guard our atmosphere, wanting to make sure that anyone who joins will be someone who is committed to excellence, someone who is helpful, caring and dedicated. That is why we are so blessed to have Martha in our midst. She has all of these qualities and more, and can be counted on to encourage others and offer a quick hug. We appreciate her kindness and consider her a valued member of TeamLexus!



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