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Walking to Excellence

July 23, 2018


In a brief flirtation with physical fitness, I joined Christy Dean a couple of times on her laps around the dealership parking lot. Looking back, I think it may have been less about the exercise and more about the fellowship. We walked and talked at a quick clip, going around the property in a quest for extra FitBit steps. Outside of work conversation, it was the first time I had an opportunity to get to know her. We talked about many things, and I found her to be candid and delightful company.

As with most healthy activities in my life, walking at work with Christy was short-lived, but I am glad that the brief experience afforded me the opportunity to get a sense of who she is. I agree with how she is described by family and friends: quiet, loving and easy-going, a private person but one who will share openly if she trusts you. She is also impressively good with numbers, a skill she has honed over 25 years.

Christy started in automotive accounting while still in high school. Early in her career, she was mentored by a manager who was “very strong and smart”, someone with whom she is still friends today. That early inspiration provided the framework for a work ethic and dedication to excellence that makes Christy such as asset at Jim Hudson Lexus. She delights in the silent satisfaction of reconciling numbers and is averse to leaving any project unfinished on her desk. She drops what she is doing to help co-workers in need of assistance, and interruptions are common due to her role as assistant HR team leader. When asked what she likes best about working here, she explains that the people are like family, and in her 7-year tenure with the company, she has become quite fond of the team.

One member of that lovable Lexus team is Ashley Grates, featured previously on this blog. See Ashley’s profile here. Ashley’s boyfriend of 6 years is James Dean (JD), son of Christy and her husband Brian. Christy and Brian were neighbors in high school and have been together ever since, married for 27 years! Ashley tells us that although she was nervous to meet her boyfriend’s mom for the first time, Christy lightened the air with her approachable and personable nature, and the conversation made the young Ashley feel instantly more at ease.

Christy has a big heart and takes great care with all that is important to her. When not keeping us straight at the dealership, she enjoys reading, gardening and free time with her family and her bull terrier, Lady. She also loves her grand-dog Marley! A fan of country music, Christy and Brian enjoy attending local concerts.



When I hear Ashley describe Christy as “nurturing, caring and highly respected”, I think that in some ways Christy has blossomed into the mentor she met in her early career. While I may have abandoned my hopes for FitBit accomplishments, Christy has been tenacious in her pursuit of a healthy life, one filled with books, walking and gardens. Most of all, it is a life filled with family, friends, pets and coworkers who love her very much.


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