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Winners are Coachable

July 14, 2018



Each time I interview a candidate for a position at the dealership, I have an ulterior motive behind my questions. Yes, I want to learn if the person has a strong character, is qualified for the job and is a good fit the company, but my ultimate goal is a quest to discover: is this person coachable?

We all make mistakes, and always will. My experience over the past few decades has told me that leading a team comprised of people who take ownership of their mistakes is much easier than managing individuals who shift the blame to external sources. This is what I mean by coachability. The team member who is open to hearing how they can perform better receives feedback in a positive manner because they understand the intention behind it is to help them to be more successful. The ones who are defensive or make excuses can never improve because they refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Somehow they feel that coaching is a negative conversation instead of a constructive one.

Cameron is one of those awesome coachable team members who gets it. He welcomes the chance to learn, and truly wants to be the best at what he does. He tells us that in his job as Service Advisor, there are new things to learn every day, and it is vital you are a good listener. He understands that “the little things add up”, and that by striving each day to be better than the day before, the incremental improvements will lead to significant success. Although he has been in the position for less than a year, he is a natural in the role because he is very outgoing, driven and enthusiastic. His guests tell us that they can tell he truly cares.

Perhaps he learned these attributes from his dad, who always told Cameron that “anything worth doing is worth doing right”. Cameron takes this advice to heart in every activity. His office is impeccably organized, he is helpful to his guests and coworkers, and he arrives early to work each morning. A self-described “perfectionist”, Cameron says that he is passionate about everything he does. “Even if I am only making a sandwich, I’m going to put my heart and soul into that sandwich.”

I sensed these things about Cameron during our interview last fall, when he was transitioning from the technical side to the people side of the business. It was a fairly quick conversation, because I soon realized that he has true intentions for greatness.  He tells us that he is inspired by everyone, always looking at “both sides of the equation”.

When not at work, Cameron enjoys spending time with his girlfriend of four years, Shadai, whom he met while studying business management at Augusta University. An outdoor enthusiast, he can be found golfing or fishing when his schedule allows. Originally from Elberton, Georgia, Cameron says that he enjoys living in Augusta and working in the car business: “it has been the greatest ever”! We are pleased to hear that he enjoys the town and the dealership, because we are truly happy to have him in our family. He has definitely been an inspiration to our organization, where a promising future is shining brightly in front of him as a charming, coachable and ambitious winner.

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