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Rise and Shine

May 29, 2018


Picture a canvas filled with everything that makes you happy: scenes of breathtaking nature, trees congregating in a forest of fog, forgotten feathers resting in a garden’s splendor, or flowers on the cusp of brilliance. When you pause to observe the painting, it feels like an inspiration of loveliness, with depth of color and waves of iridescence.  Now imagine being able to create this art anytime you liked, and to share your gifts with others.

Such is the life of local artist Judy Avrett, who sells her work at local galleries, teaches aspiring artists and creates masterpieces commissioned specifically for homes and businesses. Make no mistake; this is not a hobby. Judy is a professional artist whose works have been featured at such esteemed institutions as University Hospital and the Augusta National, as well as sought after by local designers who understand her aesthetic and her mission, to “express the beauty we sometimes miss in our daily lives.”

So how does a local Lexus dealership become blessed with a talent of this caliber on their team? In the end, it came down to balance. Judy saw a Facebook posting for a part-time Guest Services position and thought it would be a good way to mix a new kind of work with her art, yoga, friends and family. She held upper level customer service positions before she retired, so joining the Lexus team allowed her to meet people and bring her experience to a different setting.

Judy tells us that she enjoys the employees and customers at Jim Hudson Lexus, where she calls service guests to make sure they are happy with their experience. She is a natural for the work, which makes the most of her kind and patient ways. She is also a natural for the team, who shout her name when she arrives for work in the afternoon. “Judy’s here!” They offer hugs and laughs with her before she starts her calls. Judy finds the values of the organization are compatible with her own.

Although originally from Macon, Georgia, Judy has lived in Augusta for most of her adult life, and has been an active part of the community for many years. She is a past board member of the Family Y and Jud Hickey Center for Alzheimer’s care and current supporter of the University Hospital Foundation and Morris Museum of Art. She also supports all of the Jim Hudson Lexus charitable activities, including Miracle Mile Walk for Breast Cancer, Halloween with a Heart, and 15 Gifts of Christmas. She is hoping to get her new dog Lexi involved in giving back, perhaps as a service dog to visit the Veteran’s Hospital or local nursing homes. In her free time, Judy enjoys gardening, reading, walking and spending time with her family. Her son Jay is 48 and daughter Rebecca is 42. Judy has two grandkids: Emily, 21 and Truitt, 18.


Lexi sporting a Jim Hudson Lexus bandana

As a child, Judy’s dad used to wake her up every morning with a cheery “Rise and Shine!” The habit of starting her day with that optimistic message has stayed with her all of her life, and she wakes up each day with “a grateful heart and an attitude to shine.” She certainly is a bright spot in our days here at Jim Hudson Lexus.  I consider Judy (the person) to be a true work of art, one painted with a quest for excellence, kindness towards others and attention to detail. Her presence at our dealership brightens to our culture of service and brings joy to customers and co-workers alike. I ask her often if she is currently painting a masterpiece of nature, but I should be telling her what a masterpiece she is to us. She is an inspiration of loveliness to the entire Lexus family!


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