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Wired for Success

April 27, 2018

Jimmy with his wife of 9 years, April, and their dogs Rosie, Charlotte and Peep.

I know very few people my age who are in the job they have always wanted. Through random luck or keen strategy or fortuitous contacts, they have attained a career which they didn’t necessarily pursue, but which turned out well. I include myself in this category, having landed in the car business as randomly as the time I found myself in the cosmetics business: a job was available and I thought it sounded neat.

Jimmy Bronstein is the exception to this trend. His entire life, he has always wanted to be around cars. After working on them in high school, he pursued an automotive degree from Augusta Tech and never looked back. Today he is a Master Certified Lexus technician, our shop foreman, and an inspiration to many at Jim Hudson Lexus.

The reason Jimmy is such an inspiration to his dealership coworkers is clear after one conversation with him: he cares. His knowledge, skill and work ethic are evident, but what sets him apart from others is his dedication. The Jim Hudson Lexus culture of helpfulness is rooted in people like Jimmy, with his willingness to serve wherever he is needed.

Like many strong leaders, Jimmy has very high expectations of himself and his team. When asked about who inspires him, he mentions Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda, whose passion for the driving experience has propelled Lexus into the performance arena in a way we’ve not seen in our 29 year history. Jimmy says that he is impressed with Toyoda’s high standards and personal time on the racetrack, driving the vehicles and sending them back for continuous improvements.

Autoweek article about Akio Toyoda being a true car guy

That quest for ongoing refinement, or “kaizen”, as it is known in the world of Lexus, is another value Jimmy embraces. He declares that he strives to “make every day better than the last, while constantly improving.” He notes that Jim Hudson Lexus is the ideal environment for this pursuit, because he is given the tools for success and is blessed with a “management team that truly cares.”

Every day before he leaves, he sends an email to key team members with a “Jimmy report”. In it, he outlines the successes and challenges of his department, and what he expects for the following day. This sometimes blunt but always honest communication, often after working for a 13-hour stressful shift, is a component of Jimmy’s well-earned regard among his peers. He is willing to assume responsibility for issues, and makes no efforts to boast on himself or sugar-coat legitimate concerns.

Jimmy’s raw honesty is as much a part of his character as his heart of gold. In addition to his love of cars, he has a genuine concern for people and animals, enjoys mountain biking with friends and attending concerts with his wife April. He says that he is wired to work hard and be around cars; he accepts these aspects of his nature with the confidence of a man who has inner peace about his life. We are glad that cars are a part of Jimmy’s DNA, because Jim Hudson Lexus is truly a better place because he is on our team.

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