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Fan Favorite

April 7, 2018

Early in my career at Jim Hudson Lexus, our dealership team had a service advisor who was a particular “fan favorite”. Customers loved Alex with a loyalty that had defied explanation. At Christmas, his office filled with gifts.  He had a sincere helpfulness which always felt authentic. People sensed his character, and trusted whatever he advised for their cars. We always knew he would be successful, and it was unfortunate that we did not have a management position available when he was ready to take his career to the next level. We had guests lamenting his departure for years after he resigned.

In those years, as I listened to customers tell me why they missed Alex, I pined for the day when we would have an advisor who could inspire that level of loyalty again. I wanted a superstar who earned trust and built relationships for the long-term. As it turns out, we had just that someone on the team already, someone who has even surpassed that level of success. He was just getting started as Alex was leaving, possessing a similar easy confidence and dedication to his guests. That someone is Kris Norman.


Kris has now been an integral part of the service department for the past 11 years, and we couldn’t imagine our team without him. Over the past decade, he has been diligently building loyalty one day at a time, one guest at a time. His dedication to his guests is impeccable, respecting the trust they place in him to help care for their vehicles. These guests are adamant that they will work with no one else, and if he is with another guest when they arrive, they will wait as long as they have to in order to put their vehicle in his care. He receives more phone calls than any other employee in the building. He is an inspiration to his coworkers, who cite his steady perseverance and quest for excellence as a source of inspiration. Kris, like Alex before him, keeps a calm demeanor in the face of incredible stress, and has earned the level of respect he receives from all who know him because of his positive attitude.

Kris is originally from Lincolnton, a quick 50-minute drive from Augusta. I often tell people that we should hold all of our job fairs in Lincolnton, since many of our best employees have come from there, including Kenyelle Norman, wife of Kris, who works in accounting. My theory is that the small-town values and strong sense of community help build the kind of character which Kris and Kenyelle both possess. They each have a tremendous work ethic, attention to detail and quest for excellence which far exceeds expectation, to the delight of customers and fellow team members. You know that if you leave a task in their care, that it will be done, and done well. You know that if you ask them a question, they will be honest in their reply.


In addition to their amazing work success, Kris and Kenyelle are also proud and dedicated parents to Keegan and Kessler. Balancing the pressures of work life and parenthood, Kris also makes sure to find time for physical fitness, working out almost every day. In his free time, he says that he enjoys golf, fishing, ATV riding and softball. (He was our pitcher for the Jim Hudson Lexus softball team for charity a few years ago). Everyone who knows Kris enjoys talking sports with him, as he is an enthusiastic fan and very knowledgeable on everything from football to golf, to baseball and basketball and NASCAR. He is a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs and Dallas Cowboys, so expect to see him on Saturday game days at work in the appropriate team colors!

I have worked with Kris all of these years and have tremendous admiration for his quiet pursuit of being the best. He doesn’t reach the top by pushing anyone else to the side, and you will never hear him promoting his own greatness. He knows that if he does the right thing by his customers and co-workers in every moment, paying attention to the details, conducting himself with professionalism and integrity, that he will earn a good living and reputation. Even though I had my own theories about his success, I was curious about his viewpoints on the subject, so I pressed him to tell me some of his secrets. Why are your customers so loyal? What drives you to be your personal best every day? He finally broke it down for me, and it made perfect sense. Some of what he said, I already knew, and have already mentioned. Then he told me something that hit home. He said, “Angela, I smile at people. Most people are having a tough day and they want to be recognized, they want to be heard.” What Kris offers is a rare but valuable gift: he gives them his full attention, he listens, and he gives them a genuine smile. They may arrive to the dealership filled with the worries of the day, but they leave knowing that Kris will watch out for them and cheer them up. I thought back over the time he has been working here, and realize that he always has a a big smile for others. It’s no wonder that he became the ultimate “fan favorite”, and we sure are proud to have him on our team.

  1. Stacey Calhoun permalink

    Awesome job Chris! Congratulations!

  2. Kerry Anderson permalink

    Congratulations! Kris carry the same demeanor even outside of work just a good person!

  3. Valeria Butler permalink

    Congratulations. Every word that you stated about Kris is true. He listens to you and he certainly will brighten your day. Kris keep on being an inspiration to the guest at Jim Hudson. You are truly the best.

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