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Blessings and Inspirations

February 24, 2018


Little Huey is just 17 months old, but already he has a curious and precocious personality. He likes to play with remotes, and has a particular talent for taking meticulously folded clothes from the couch and tossing them about the room. To his mother, he is a tremendous inspiration. Chelsea knows that she must absolutely set a good example for him. No matter how good or bad her day might be, Huey is the one who keeps her going.

Chelsea is something of an inspiration, herself. She has endured a few struggles in her young life, but remains steadfast in pursuit of her goals. Her coworkers would never know of her challenges, as she puts on a brave face every day and shares her bright smile with everyone. A new addition to the Jim Hudson Lexus family, her friendly nature and polite demeanor make her a good fit for the Guest Services Team, where she serves as a receptionist. She cites a “great sense of humor, tough skin and proper telephone etiquette skills” as important characteristics needed for her job.

Chelsea indeed possesses these skills, my favorite of which is her sense of humor. She has a great laugh and is generous with sharing it when I am being silly. She tells us that her co-workers are “hilarious and caring”, an important mix for a stressful environment like the car business. Chelsea also observes that “everyone communicates in a respectful manner”, which lends to a positive environment and a high chance for success.

When not at work, Chelsea enjoys baking, dancing, DIY projects and designing custom clothes. We can vouch for these skills, since she has brought in some of her home-baked cookies to share at work! She tells us that she prayed to God to  bless her with a rewarding opportunity with loving employees and room to grow, and feels that He has answered her prayers with the new job at our dealership. We certainly feel that the blessing is mutual, for we are happy to have such a delightful and helpful young lady on our team. We know that she will be an asset and friend for years to come.

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