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The Leland Charm

February 5, 2018


When I meet a young adult with a strong sense of self, invariably I learn that there was a mentor who helped guide them during their formative years. It was no surprise, then, to discover that this was the case with Leland, a delightful young man who helps us with Roadside Assistance cases. Leland learned about cars and the value of a work ethic from his Uncle Donnie, who had a contagious enthusiasm for helping others. Leland said his positive attitude is also inspired by the example of his grandparents, “Nana and Pop-pop”, who faced tremendous obstacles and continue to live their lives with great determination.

Although I’ve never met Uncle Donnie or Nana and Pop-pop, I can imagine that they are very impressive individuals, based on how well Leland turned out. He has been a part of the Jim Hudson Lexus service team for over a year, and has always been a beacon of light in that department. He accurately describes himself as having the “Leland Charm”,  a preternaturally smiling disposition and warmth which endears him to others immediately. This charm makes him a good fit for the dealership, where our customer service culture is reliant upon such outgoing personalities and helpfulness.

Leland’s considerate ways have inspired us to transition him away from working on cars in the shop and encourage him to spend more time helping guests in the service drive.  The move has been well-received by guests and co-workers, who tell us that Leland is a caring individual who makes the environment more pleasant. Leland tells us he is happy with the move, since he truly enjoys helping others and strives to be the best at whatever he is doing.

When he is not at work, Leland has many hobbies, including  riding four-wheelers, singing, landscaping, building things and drawing. He shared a couple of his recent sketches with us, and we think there is some real potential there! Whether he has art or cars in his future, we know that he will do well in life, because he has something that nobody else has: The Leland Charm!


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