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Kind-Hearted Rosie

October 25, 2017

Murphy from Rick’s Paint and Body called me yesterday, hoping to learn our secret to finding the best receptionists in town. “Your team is always so helpful and incredibly friendly,” he said. “I want to find people like that to work for us.” I’m afraid I did not have any advice for him, explaining that all of the credit goes to our Guest Services Team Leader Rosanne Helm. I told him that Rosanne does all of the training for the front desk staff, and that she is the best because she truly cares.

Murphy may not be able to duplicate what Rosanne has accomplished, but he does know what success looks like. When a guest calls or visits, it is imperative that they are received with a warm, upbeat greeting and a courteous, supportive attitude. Rosanne has built a team who delivers these attributes on a consistent basis. She recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary in the position, and is as enthusiastic in her role today as she was when she began, perhaps more so. I wish I could explain to Murphy, or understand myself, what makes Rosanne so amazing. There are few people on the planet I admire as much, and I have met some pretty impressive people in my 51 years.

A couple of years ago, when I received an award from the local Girl Scouts organization, I had to make an acceptance speech in front of an audience of over 150 community leaders. During my comments, I asked Rosanne to stand and I explained to the group that I would not be able to accomplish what I have, or receive any civic accolades, if it were not for this phenomenal young lady. I told them that I have watched her overcome personal struggles, including years as a single mom who worked and went to school. Happily married now with 2 children, she is constantly doing something kind and unexpected for her family, her co-workers, her customers and the community.

Today’s community service is a leadership role in the dealership’s participation in an event called “Halloween with a Heart”, a chance for disabled children to enjoy a Trick or Treat experience in a safe environment. Rosanne is in charge of recruiting, organizing and decorating the Jim Hudson Lexus table every year, and blows us away with her creativity. This year’s theme is “Emoji Halloween”, and she has each of the guest services team members dressed in a different emoji, and her table decorated with #Lexus hashtags. She included her daughter Mercedes in the planning and preparation of the event, sharing in the lesson of giving to others.


L-R Morgan, Judy, Rosanne, Ashley, Amanda: Best Guest services team ever!

Seeing how Rosanne manages an event like this tells you what kind of person she is. Never one to just do the bare minimum, she approaches this endeavor with the energy it deserves, creating lasting memories for the kids and for her team. She is organized, thoughtful, communicative and diligent. She cares that it is done well, taking personal pride in excellence. She understands that it reflects on the dealership, but also knows that her efforts are rewarded with a high level of respect from her peers and important lessons for her daughter.

Rosanne has been offered promotions in our dealership many times, and I am fortunate that she has turned them down in favor of remaining in her current position. Believe me when I tell you that I do not take her for granted. I am grateful every day for the blessing of working with someone of her caliber, because I am a better employee and a better person as a result. There is not an employee in the building who does not adore Rosanne; her concern for others is genuine and easy to recognize. Murphy and others who call and visit may aspire to her level of customer service, but her kind heart cannot be duplicated.

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