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A Detail Genius

July 29, 2017


Meet Chester Butler, Detailer Extraordinaire

Chester and I like to talk about Prince. Shortly after the unexpected passing of the music legend, I learned that Chester is a fan and bought him a Prince biography. As Chester reads the book he tells me about it, fascinated by the man who endured painful trials in his life and still produced so many amazing songs. We enjoy talking about it when we periodically drive back and forth between our two dealership locations, delivering cars.

I first heard the term “musical genius” in association with Prince back in the 90’s, when a music-savvy friend of mine declared that no matter what you thought about the songs, there is no questioning the talent. I tend to agree. Genius is defined as exceptional ability, gifted, clever. When I think of that word, I cannot help but associate it with Chester himself, in his role with us at the dealership.

When any of us need a car detailed to absolute perfection, Chester is the man we seek. His nature does not allow him to turn in a vehicle which is not showroom immaculate. He will not be rushed, he will not skip steps, he will not compromise. It is a part of who he is as a person. His personal Lexus is a testament to his high standards, and  there is not a vehicle which is not dramatically transformed while in his care.

A Savannah native, Chester has been living in Augusta and working with Jim Hudson Lexus since 2006. When asked how his family and close friends would describe him, he replies that they would use words like “caring, easygoing, cool”, which is a good fit for his disposition. Chester tells us he is passionate about God and his goal in life is to live it to the fullest. When not at work, he enjoys playing tennis (including competitions) and time with his peeps. He has 3 kids: Margaret, Torian and Pierce.  His wife Valerie, a loyal Lexus owner, attends all of the Jim Hudson Lexus functions with Chester and is a valued member of our extended work family.

We are grateful to Chester for his inspiring work ethic and commitment to excellence, as well as his courteous nature. It would be difficult to imagine a Jim Hudson Lexus without Chester Butler, our detail genius.

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