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A Millennial Creative

July 24, 2017


I’ve always thought Ashley seemed mature for her age. When she started working with us at Jim Hudson Lexus more than a year ago, I prepared myself for at least of the few of the well-known characteristics of workers commonly referred to as Millennial: short attention span, self-absorbed, impatient. I was pleasantly surprised  to find that these less desirable traits of her peers do not describe her at all. With the exception of a few attractive attributes: entrepreneurial, compassionate, team-oriented, I really couldn’t honestly place her in that group. The more I read about Millennials for this blog, the less I associated Ashley with them. So I wondered, what is a better personality category for her?

 So, on a hunch, I looked up the qualities of a creative personality and thought, now we are getting somewhere! Loving, emotional (a bit of a worrier), productive, ambitious, concerned with religion/values, many interests. Ashley thrives when her work allows her to blossom in a broad range of tasks, such as helping guests, making gift baskets, learning new things in the office. She is passionate about living in the moment and being a friend to others. If you ask Ashley to describe herself, she will say that she is a good listener, honest and creative. When asked which adjectives her family and friends might use for her, she thinks they would likely drop words like caring and sassy (which I love, and wholeheartedly agree).

 A good way to get a sense of a person is how they spend their free time. Family and friends are important to her, as is her dog Marley, a Labrador-Great Dane mix who, like Ashley, is full of energy and enthusiasm for life. True to the creative profile, her hobbies are diverse: she is known to spend her day off doing everything from baking and DIY crafts to off-roading or going to see action movies with her boyfriend James.  She has also been having a lot of fun selling Scentsy products, a line of wickless candles and other fragrance items.


Marley at rest


In whatever way you might describe Ashley, two things are for certain: she is her own authentic self, and she is a good fit for this dealership. In her time as a member of the Guest Services team, she has been warmly embraced by the dealership staff and customers appreciate her genuine nature. She tells us that she enjoys her job very much, saying that the Jim Hudson Lexus atmosphere is a supportive one, and filled with determination for success. So the next time you visit us and see her friendly face, know that you are encountering a truly unique Millennial Creative.



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